3 Unique Bandung Tourist Spots Worthy to Visit

Bandung tourist spots are definitely the best choices to spend your holiday. Well, you may have bored of visiting places like beaches. Then, if you just want to feel a different atmosphere, you can go to the plateau area. Then, enjoy experiences like the cool and refreshing air, waterfalls, lakes, and even craters. In bandung tour package, you can see them all. So, what are the recommended spots when you are in the city?

Lake Situ Patenggang

Lake Situ Patenggang is one of the best natural tourist spots in Bandung. The water is crystal clear and it is surrounded by the green forest and plantation. The lake has a popular legend behind. There is the legend of the “love stone” referring to a stone on the small island in the middle of the lake. This place is suitable to visit with family and friends mainly if you have bored with urban situations.

Curug Cimahi

Curug Cimahi is one of Bandung tourist spots that are not too far from the city center of Bandung. However, this place was only invented some years ago so that it is still not as popular as others. Curug is a name from the local language that means waterfall. Yes, this spot indeed offers a tall waterfall with clear water around. the green forestry area just makes the atmosphere feel more refreshed. At night, the waterfall is surrounded by colorful lighting making it look even more beautiful.

Puncak Bintang

Similar to Curug Cimahi, Puncak Bintang is also quite near to the city center. What to offer is still the same; it is the natural attraction with the greens around. However, you can enjoy them from height. Of course, it just gives you a different sensation. In the distance, you can see the urban area of Bandung. At night, it looks sparkling like the stars. That’s why; it is namely Puncak Bintang, literally means the top of stars.

Bosscha Observatories

Bandung also has an educative tourist resort; it is Bosscha Observatory, the star observation center. The location is around 15 km from the city center of Bandung. To visit this place, you must register yourself first. The staff will not allow you to enter if you are directly coming. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the gardens and plantations around the building. It is still stunning and refreshing with the typical of Bandung plateau. So, make sure to enjoy Bosscha Observatories along with other Bandung tourist spots.