Working Title: "The Giving Hand
Inspiration: From the beginning I was struck by the origins of the name Puyallup (or S’Puyalupubsh ) translated from Salishan meaning “generous and welcoming behavior to all people (friends and strangers) who enter our lands’” or “the generous people.”  But how do I express it?  
The image of an extended hand offering a ‘gift’ came to my mind. The hand with all it’s grace and power represents humanity without bias to gender, race or ethnicity. The ‘Gift’ as an  expanding form reminiscent of fire, water, flower and art. Made from stainless steel plate  burnished to a silvery holographic finish, the ‘Gift’ would contrast and compliment the warm glow of the bronze hand. Elevated to an iconic scale, the sculpture would be visual from both lanes of traffic. 
Materials: Cast bronze hand, painted reinforced mild steel base with a stainless steel top mounting  surface, the stainless steel ‘Gift’ (in the palm) fabricated from 1/4” 304L plate and the possibility of including a light source in the palm to illuminate the ‘Gift’. 
Approximate  dimensions (including 5’ x 5’ x 2’ concrete base):
Bronze hand: 6’-6” to 7’-0” finger tip to end of wrist x 3’-6” to 4’-0” wide x 2’-3’ tall Steel base: 7’-0” tall x 4’-6” square Stainless steel ‘Gift’: 2’-6” to 3’-0” tall x 1’-6” diameter  
Over all height: 11’ to 12’  
Approximate weight: Under 2500 lbs.
Note: The concept renders (sketches) are produced on sophisticated program, ZBrush, which will be used as an integral part of the development and production of the project. Once the concept and design is established, the render (a virtual maquette), quickly modified as desired, can be produced 3 dimensionally for review and in the production of the foam core used in sculpting the final work.
Kevin Edwin Pettelle/ Soul in Bronze Studio © 2016